What size DC power supply do I need ?

Determining the capacity requirement of the DC power supply for your LED strip lights is pretty simple.

Just measure the length of LED flexible strip light you’ll be using (in feet or metres) and multiply that length by the number of watts that model of LED flexible strip light consumes per foot or metre (there are 3.28 feet in a metre). The power consumption per metre is on the specifications tab of the web page for each model of LED flexible strip light.

eg. (5 metres of LED flexible strip light) x (14.5 watts per metre) = 72.5 watts of power supply capacity required

If you don’t see a power supply with the appropriate capacity, just contact us and we’ll special order one for you.

One caveat. You should not run a power supply at 100% of its capacity. This would be akin to revving your car at its maximum. It can do it, but if done for an extended period of time, it will shorten the life of your car, or power supply.
To maximize the life of your power supply, we recommend a load of no more than 80-90% of its capacity.