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Alternate Lens for PAR20 bulbs and Saffire Downlights

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These optical lenses are what focus the light from the LEDs and create the beam size. Beams can be wide (flood), medium, or narrow (spot). It’s expressed in degrees.

One of the unique features of Lumicrest LED lights is that the beam angle can be changed! You don’t have to buy a whole new light if you don’t select the right beam angle the first time.

The interchangeable lenses available are: wide angle 60 degrees, medium 35 degrees, and narrow 25 degrees.

Knowing what beam angle to use for any given application is a bit of an art. So if you’re not quite sure if you’ve chosen the best one, or if you’d like to experiment, you can purchase additional lens options for your Lumicrest Par20 or 8-watt Integrated LED lights.

Changing the lenses is easy. For the Lumicrest PAR20 bulb simply remove the ring on the front of the light, remove the old lens and drop the new one in place, then then snap the ring back onto the front of the light.

For the the Saffire downright, first remove the light from the ceiling, then push the center of the light to un-snap the trim from the light engine, then unscrew the front of the light engine, remove the old lens and drop the new one in place, then thread the front of the light engine back on. Press the light engine into the back side of the trim until it snaps in place, then depress the spring clips on site of the trim and push the light back into the ceiling.