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Alternate Lens for PAR30

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These optical lenses are what focus the light from the LEDs and create the beam size. Beams can be wide (flood), medium, or narrow (spot). It’s expressed in degrees, so wide angle is 60 degrees, medium is 35 degrees and narrow is 20 degrees. We also offer very narrow lenses in 15 degrees.

One of the unique features of Lumicrest LED lights is that the beam angle can be changed! You don’t have to buy a whole new light if you just need a different beam angle to light a different piece of artwork, or a new display.

Changing the lens is easy. For a Par30, simply take a small screwdriver and gently pop off the ring surrounding the lens. Then remove the lens and place the new one over the LED. Be careful to put it in the right orientation so the legs on the lens fit over the wires on the LED board. Then click the ring back in place and you’re done!

What lens angle should I choose? This handy Light Coverage Calculator lets you determine which beam angle to use and where to position your light fixture.

Click in the link below to see the lens swapping process in action.
Lens swapping instructional video

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