Color Ring Controller – for RGB Colour Strip Lights

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RGB Colour Controller with Colour Ring Remote

RGB LED strips are set to various colours and colour-changing modes by mixing the red, green and blue LEDs. The silver Controller box is wired between the power supply and the LED strip, driven by the Colour Ring Remote.

How to set colours and colour-change modes:
Using the Colour Ring Remote, you can simply dial in the colour of your choice. Or, scroll through a selection of preset colour change modes for colour fading/flashing. You can also toggle from colour to “white” at any time, which simply turns the red, green and blue LEDs on full.

As well, the Remote has brightness +/- buttons so you can tune your desired level of brightness.

The Remote communicates with the Controller via a radio frequency signal, which means it can control the LED strip even through solid walls!

The Remote require AAA batteries, not included.
This controller works with both 12V DC and 24V DC LED strips.