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Pro Series: Dotless White High CRI (90+) LED Strip Light, 14 watts/m, 24V, 5 meters

$ (USD) 92.53

24V DC High CRI LED Strip Light 300 LEDs /m (tape light) 5 meter reel

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Want ultra-smooth lighting without the look of LED “dots”? Our new Dotless High CRI flexible strip is just what you need. When used in any Aluminum Channel with diffuser, or even without, the lighting effect is perfectly uniform.

No need to be constrained by light fixtures, now you can put bright light anywhere you want it! Lumicrest Pro Series – high CRI Flexible Strip Lighting has a quality 3M self-adhesive backing – just cut it to the length you want then peel and stick it to any smooth surface! Great for under cabinets, closets, task lighting, cove lighting and whatever else you can imagine.

Lumicrest High CRI Flexible Strip Lighting has been the choice of museums and art galleries due to how accurately it represents the colours of the objects it illuminates.

Clients who have compared our Lumicrest Pro Series High CRI Flexible Strip Lighting LED strips to those of our competitors choose Lumicrest because of the high brightness, uniformity and colour purity of our products. It comes with 1750 (!) bright LEDs in a standard 5 meter roll (16.4 feet) and can be cut to length in just 2 cm increments.

Requires a 24 volt DC power supply (sold separately). What size power supply do I need?

Our Pro Series – High CRI LED Strip Light is for those applications requiring a intense amount of light for task lighting or for general illumination of a room. Applications where you just want to highlight an area, but don’t need high intensity or high CRI light may select our medium output strip, which emits about 1/3 as much light.

All of our products come with a full 3 year warranty. If these lights are used 8 hours per day, 7 days per week, you should expect them to last a full 15 years.

Advantages of using 24 volt strip compared to 12 volt are:
– you can mount the power supply further away (without being concerned about voltage loss in the wires)
– the strip maintains consistent brightness over its whole length
– you can run sections longer than 5 meters with consistent brightness (as long as you choose a power supply with sufficient wattage)
– more choices for color: warm white, clean white and natural white

If you have a question about installing LED strip, how to connect multiple reels, how many power supplies you need, or anything else, give us a call at
1-866-609-0282 or 416 479 0132 or contact us via the website contact form. We’ll help you work it out!

* for indoor use only
* non-waterproof version (we can add a waterproof sleeve for an extra charge)
* we recommend 3000K clean white for kitchen under-cabinet applications
* we recommend 3000K clean white for most display lighting applications
* we recommend choosing 2700K warm white for intimate, cozy environments

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is over 90. Actual measured CRI is up to 94, and never below 90.
Width: 8 mm wide

Specifications & Photometry

Lumens: 1300 Lumens per meter
CRI: 90+  (94 typical) (What is CRI?)
Total Length: 5 meter reel (16.4 feet)
Width: 8 mm
Cuttable every: 45 mm
Waterproof: No
Operating Voltage: 24 volts DC
Power consumption (watts) : 14 watts/meter (~90 watts/reel)

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