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RGB LED Strip 96 LEDs/m, 24V, 5 meters – High Density

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RGB stands for red, green, blue, the primary colours of light. This RGB strip emits every colour of the rainbow by combining different amounts of these RGB colours. Each LED actually contains 3 emitters, a red one, green one and blue one.

Now you can put colourful bright light anywhere you want it! Lumicrest RGB Flexible Strip Lighting has a quality self-adhesive backing by 3M – just cut it to the length you want then peel and stick it to any smooth surface!

Use an RGB Colour Controller (sold separately) to set the colour of your light, or use it to cycle through a range of colors by gentle fading or instant switching.

This LED strip comes with 480 bright “5050” LEDs in a standard 5 meter roll (16.4 feet) and can be cut to length, as marked on the strip in 6 LED increments. Use the supplied connectors, or solder your low voltage connections to the tabs on the strip to apply power.

Requires a 24 volt DC power supply (sold separately)

All of our products come with a full 3 year warranty. If these lights are used 8 hours per day, 7 days per week, you should expect them to last a full 15 years.

Advantages of using 24 volt strip compared to 12 volt are:
– you can mount the power supply further away (without being concerned about voltage loss in the wires)
– the strip maintains consistent brightness over its whole length
– you can run sections longer than 5 meters with consistent brightness (as long as you choose a power supply with sufficient wattage)

If you have question about installing LED strip, how to connect multiple reels, how many power supplies you need, or anything else, give us a call at 416 479 0132 or contact us via the website contact form. We’ll help you work it out!

* for indoor use only
* non-waterproof version (optional waterproofing available – ask us)

RGB Controller Video

We recommend this controller with our RGB LED strip:

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