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Down Post & Cap

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White Ceiling Cap

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Down Post

Wire Way Cover – optional

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Ceiling too high? No problem. You can drop the whole track down from the ceiling using our track down post and cap system.

How to use: You can mount one ceiling cap on an octagon junction box and feed wire down the pipe. The other ceiling caps can be mounted directly on the ceiling. Thread the pendant post into the ceiling cap. At the track, drill a hole through the track and screw the Z-clip to the track. Unscrew the nut(s) from the pendant post and place the small rectangular cover onto the post. Thread two nuts back onto the pipe, about 3/4 inch apart and insert the prongs of the Z clip between them. Tighten the nuts so that that post is secured to it. Lower the small rectangular plastic cover to hide the Z clip.

To feed the power into the track: The power should go into the end of the track, using a Live End Connector. The wire will come out the end of the post at the track, and go a short distance across the track to the Live End where it will be connected through the back. To cover the wires as they go from the post to the Live End, use a Wire way cover in place of the included small rectangular Z clip cover.

(It’s also possible to join the down posts together to create a 72 inch drop. Contact us through our contact form or put a note in your order if you are interested in this option)
These down posts / caps are sold individually.

We recommend you use three per 8 foot track, or two per 4-foot track.

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