Lumenaar UltraPro DMX/RDM Decoder – 5 channel

$ (USD) 127.58

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The Lumenaar UltraPro 5-channel output DMX decoder with bi-directional RDM is designed for no-compromise motion picture production and other mission-critical applications. It can handle 8 amps of current per each of its five output channels (for a total of 960 watts at 24v DC). To ensure flicker-free operation, it has user-selectable PWM rates up to 30,000 hz. It also offers user-selectable output gamma curves to tune the dimming response to the DMX signal.

The DMX signal can be input to the device using either 3-pin XLR, RJ45, or bare wire inputs. Input power can be 12 or 24 volts constant-voltage DC. It includes two DC power inputs, which allows you to safely feed power in from two power supplies (of the same DC output voltage) at the same time.

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