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Pro Series: ZigZag (side-bendable) White High CRI (90+), 7 watts/m, 5 meters


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Have you ever tried to apply LED strip lights sideways onto a curve or bend the strip around a 90 degree corner? You’ll find that common LED strip bulges up away from the surface you’re mounting to.

Here’s the solution to this annoying problem.

This high CRI (90+) ZigZag LED strip light has notches cut into the strip that allow you to bend the strip sideways and still adhere securely.

Specifications & Photometry

Specification Sheet
2700K Zigzag Strip Photometry Report
3000K Zigzag Strip Photometry Report
4000K Zigzag Strip Photometry Report

Lumens: 530 lumens per meter (2,650 lumens per reel)
CRI: 90+ (What is CRI?)
Total Length: 5 meter reel (16.4 feet)
Width: 8 mm
Cuttable every: 10 cm (4 inches)
Waterproof: No
Operating Voltage: 24 volts DC
Power consumption (watts) : 7 watts/meter (35 watts/reel)
LED Type: SMD 3528
LEDs per meter: 60