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RGBW Signal Amplifier

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For large installations of RGBW LED strip lights where you want all of the segments of RGBW LED strip lights to change colour in unison.

When there are multiple power supplies in use or when the capacity of an RGBW controller is exceeded, these RGBW signal amplifiers allow you to keep extending the signal from a single controller to all of the segments of RGBW LED  strip lights.

The output of the RGBW controller as well as the feed from a secondary power supply are fed into the amplifier and output of the amplifier is fed to the next segment of RGBW strip light.  The output of the amplifier can also be fed in parallel to another amplifier and tertiary power supply, and can be repeated to control an endless amount of RGBW LED strip lights.
This amplifier can also be used for RGB strips, just don’t hook up the W channel and you’re all set.

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