Alan Klinkhoff Gallery

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is a renowned dealer of fine canadian art which ranges from the Group of Seven to investment quality contemporary artists.
Their gallery in Montreal was established in 1950 by Walter and Gertrude Klinkhoff, and over the past 60 years the Klinkhoff family has been instrumental in helping to assemble some of Canada’s most prominent private collections.

Building on their reputation for in depth expertise and the stunning works they offer, the Klinkhoff family expanded into the Toronto market in 2015. Presenting their collection of fine works of art with their wide ranging colour palettes to their fullest advantage demanded full-spectrum lighting that only products such as those in the Lumicrest Apturi line of lights could deliver. Consumer-grade lights with their incomplete colour spectra would not be able to satisfy the Klnkhoff’s requirements.

The Apturi Integrated LED Track Heads were chosen for the quality of light they emit and for the sleek architectural look of the heads.