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VioGem Air Disinfection Light

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This essential product safely disinfects the air using a UVC light within it. The light is hidden inside, so people are not exposed to it. It circulates the air through it and kills viruses and bacteria in the air as they pass through.

Please read the detailed description below to learn more about it, including the handy FAQ.

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New research has shown that the coronavirus and other pathogens can build up in the air from an infected person breathing, talking, coughing or sneezing, dramatically increasing chances of spreading infection. Here’s a CNN article about how exposure time affects your likelihood of infection from airborne coronavirus. To help counter that, this device quietly draws in airborne particles, kills pathogens and emits purified air, to help control the viral presence in any space and reduce the risk of infection.

It uses a special type of UVC LED chip safely hidden within. It’s designed specifically for cleaning the air of your personal space using UVC light. UltraViolet light is a proven technology that’s been safely used for disinfecting, killing germs, bacteria and viruses in hospital operating rooms for years.

The VioGem is your own portable personal bubble of clean, pure air. Conveniently powered through a USB port, you can use it when you’re at work on your computer, in a car, on a train, bus or plane, or just serving customers at a counter. Wherever you are, the VioGem provides you a personal supply of purified air. 

Driving a taxi or Uber? Put a VioGem in your vehicle to protect yourself and your passengers. Working at the office? Put a VioGem on your desk. 
The VioGem harnesses the triple purification power of UVC light, negative ion generation and a TiO2 nano-photocatalyst. In lab testing it achieved a 97% disinfection rate of Staphylococcus Albus in a 1 cubic meter test chamber within 2 hours. 

Not only can it destroy pathogens, the VioGem is also effective for killing mould and removing odours. You can use it to de-odorize refrigerators, shoes, pet odours and even cigarette smoke smells. 

Where can you use them?

Retail stores:at checkouts, service counters, changerooms break rooms.
Restaurants:at each table, in washrooms, in kitchen. For quick service restaurants, at the order counter, behind the counter and in washrooms.
Hotels: in each guest room, washrooms, in the kitchen, dining rooms, back-of-house work areas, offices
Nursing and seniors homes: in washrooms (esp. shared washrooms), dining rooms, each bedroom, service areas etc.
Doctors offices and clinics: in waiting rooms, doctors offices, admin areas, washrooms.
Hospitals: waiting rooms, lobbies, triage, patient rooms, emergency areas, washrooms, kitchens
Schools: classrooms, lounges, washrooms
Offices: by desks, break rooms, washrooms

How To Use

The UVC light inside kills germs and bacteria in the air exposed to the light. The air is circulated through the device continuously by a small fan built into it.

Simply plug it in to a USB charging block and leave it running. As the light is inside the chamber there is no danger of eye or skin exposure.  Easy!

Background Info

Want to learn more about UVC and disinfecting? Here are some resources on the web:
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