Origin Optometry

Dr. Jesse Petreman, owner of Origin Optical Clinic in Nanaimo British Columbia, decided he wanted to design a space for his optical clinic and retail outlet that would not only be very functional but also a stunning visual statement.

He and his design team decided to take a green-field approach and build everything from the ground up, with spectacular results. The space includes a soaring two storey atrium with a mezzanine overlooking the retail space below. The state of the art exam rooms have a clean modern aesthetic, and the retail displays were designed with an eye to bringing out the details in his curated assortment of designer optical wear.

A number of Lumicrest Lighting Solutions products were used to great effect.

The atrium, exam rooms, hallways and mezzanine were all equipped with our Transcendent LED up-down panel lights.

Suspended from the ceiling in these areas, the Transcendent fixtures appear as floating clouds shedding light upward and downward to fill the space evenly with light.

The display shelves are lit from above by Teardrop Integrated LED Track Heads on tracks suspended by thin aircraft cables. The Teardrop’s very high colour rendering ensures that all of the subtle colours in the optical frames are accurately shown. For even greater impact, the sunglasses displays are backlit by adjustable lines of LEDs behind optical diffuser panels.

The recessed ceiling lights are Lumicrest high-CRI round alcove lights that fire their light backwards into a reflective dome, bouncing the light back out the front of the fixture.

Lumicrest’s Easylinx linkable light bars were used to light the counters under the upper cabinets in the laboratory areas.