Beam Spread Calculator

Not sure which lenses you need for your LED Lights, or where to position the lights?

Just enter your ceiling height and the distance from the floor to the center of your art once it is hung.
To find the right light coverage for your art, you may enter different distances from the wall for the position of your lights, and also try different lens options.
If you’re not sure how far to place the lights from the wall, leave it blank and the calculator will recommend a distance based on the optimal viewing angle.
To determine the effect of using different track head extension arms, reduce the value for the ceiling height by the length of the extension arm.

Ceiling Height Feet
Floor to Center of Artwork Feet (recommended viewing height is 4.5 feet)
Light Distance From Wall Feet (Leave blank to calculate recommended distance)
Lens Options
Illuminated Area Width Feet

Press the “Calculate” button. The resulting width is how wide the illuminated area will be.

The recommended light distance from the wall will also be calculated (for optimal viewing angle) if you leave the “Light Distance From Wall” field blank.

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