LED DNA Lights

Custom LED linear lights for your projects

High CRI LED Lighting

Full Spectrum LED lighting

Accurate colour rendering
Selectable beam angles
Optical purity

LED Mirrors

For hospitality projects, fine residences and more.

Customized to your needs

Recessed LED Lighting

Amadeo Barbini Architects

Royal Ontario Museum

Display case High CRI LED flexible strip lighting

Adjustable Beam Angle Par 30

A Precision Focus Par 30 for a wide range of subject types

Elkon Gallery, New York

Matteo Montani:
Once Upon a Time Life, Again.

High CRI LED Lights

With interchangeable lenses

LED Disc Lights

Quick and easy to install
on any junction box.
Built-in driver.

LED Strips & Accessories

Flexible, bright and infinitely configurable

Track Lighting

A full line of track products

Accurate Colour Rendering

Our High CRI products with 95 CRI give crisp and accurate color rendering so artwork, food and people always look their best.

Responsive & Knowledgeable

Got a question about LED lighting or what product to choose? We’ve been providing high quality LED lighting systems since 2008.

Projects & Case Studies

Lumicrest LED lights have been installed in many art galleries, museums, offices, retail shops and fine residences.

Custom LIghting

We build custom LED lighting specifically for your projects. Also custom length LED light bars and pre-assembly of LED strips to speed your installations.

Create lighting configurations to suit your specific needs.

Combine our Lumicrest High CRI Par lights with our complete line of track lighting.

Or build an elegant linear lighting system using Lumicrest LED Flexible Strips and Accessories.
The possibilities are endless.

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We’re here to help you with all your product, lighting design and pricing questions.

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