Track Lighting Basics

Here’s the basics behind track lighting, and how to recognize the differences between the three most common types in use today.

The three most common track systems are Lightolier (LT), Halo (HT) and Juno (JT). For each type there are a number of compatible systems on the market. The image below shows how to tell them apart. It shows a cross section of the track and the top of the track head that fits into the track.

Note how the contacts on the end of the track head, and the shape of the plastic body which holds the contacts are different on each track system. Because of this, you cannot mix components from different systems.

Lumicrest carries Halo (HT) style components.

The video below gives more details on the different kinds of track connectors you can use to feed AC power into your track systems.

NOTE: in addition to the options in this video, you can also use L-connectors and T-connectors to feed power into. Videos on those product pages show the details.

How to Cut and Prepare Track

If you want to cut track to a specific length, you can do it. But you also need to trim back the internal copper conductors a little bit. The video below shows how to do it.