Made You Look Jewelry Store

Upgrade to LED Lighting Turns Heads at Made You Look

Made You Look is Toronto’s hub for contemporary, innovative, unique, creative, local, handcrafted jewelry. Their designers specialize in handmade, one-of-a-kind, unique custom jewelry. Their philosophy is to support new designers, the local community and businesses, all with an eye to being green.”When we first opened our stores, our approach was to showcase the jewelry with as much light as possible using standard lighting (halogen, fluorescent).

However, the number of lights we were using often caused tripped circuit breakers, and the short lived and frequently burnt out halogen bulbs were difficult to replace, with our 14 foot ceilings. As a result, the merchandise was not being displayed to its fullest advantage.”

“We met with Lumicrest Lighting Solutions to help us come up with a design that worked from a merchandise presentation, energy saving, and longevity perspective.

When we compared how our merchandise looked under a sample of Lumicrest’s LED lighting to our existing lighting, we immediately saw the potential. We never realized what a difference LED light could make, and how much more the gems and metals could sparkle and come to life.”

“Lumicrest installed their LED lighting in our North store where we have our more formal merchandise, and in our South Store where the look is more funky and fun. The result was amazing and we’re completely happy with the new look of our stores.

The clean white light from the LED bulbs that Lumicrest put into our existing light fixtures, and the flexible strip lights they added to our cabinets have made all the difference.”

“We’ve since sold our south store location and the new occupant continues to receive many positive comments about the impact of lighting in their store. They even expanded their selling space and added more of the Lumicrest lights.”

“Lumicrest were great to work with and came up with all kinds of innovative suggestions on how to improve our lighting design. Some of our customers have even commented on how nicely lit the stores are.

Additionally, since the installation we haven’t had to replace a single light, nor have we had a single circuit breaker trip. All of this while saving 80% on our lighting energy consumption.

I highly recommend any jewelry store look into using Lumicrest’s LED lighting.”

Sarah Dougall
Made You Look – Toronto