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Saffire Modular Downlights

$ (USD) 31.32$ (USD) 38.68


Customize your own downlights!

With bright adjustable directional light, plus high CRI (95) for accurate color rendering, the Lumicrest Saffire Modular Downlight is perfect for residences, art galleries, retail, hospitality environments, and more. Each light comes with its own power supply.


The Saffire Modular Downlight system offers contractors, homeowners and designers flexibility in accommodating diverse lighting needs. Explore the easy-to-use menu to custom build the downlights that best suit your space. Saffure Modular Downlights are IC Rated (for Insulated Ceilings).


Choose from a range of sleek trim options; square or round, black or white, deep and shallow gimbal or fixed (non-gimbal). The gimbal allows you to aim the light. The trim is easily installed using spring clips and are IP65 damp-rated.


Each light is dimmable and has a number of different specification options. Choose the brightness, color temperature, and beam angle. Brightness options include 8 watt or 12 watt. Beam angle choices include 25° (spot), 35° (medium), and 60° (flood) lenses. The color temperature options are Clean White (3000k), Natural White (4000k) and Dim-to-Warm. Dim-To-Warm has a range of  3000K to 2200k, automatically becoming warmer when dimmed, like incandescent lights do, for natural mood lighting.

8 watt Specification Sheet
12 watt Specification Sheet

Installation Instructions

Saffire Modular Downlights are easy to assemble and install!
When you customize your downlights, you’re choosing the trim and the light itself. A power supply comes with the light.

Assembly is simple: the Light snaps into the trim from the backside (when it “pops,” it’s attached), and the power supply is connected to it via the locking barrel connectors attached.

When installing, first insert the assembled downlight into your drywall hole with the power supply, making sure that the spring clips on the trim are holding it in place. Connect the power supply to AC power and you’re done!