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Why LED Lighting?

If you’re a professional and are thinking of upgrading the lighting at a museum or art gallery, you’ll want to read our LED Lighting for Museums and Galleries White Paper. Contact us to request a copy.

Lighting is a key factor in the comfort and aesthetics of every environment. Before LED lighting, you had to reduce the quality of your lighting in order to save energy. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) have been useful in reducing power consumption. However, CFLs’ harsh light, high UV emissions, non-dimmability, slow response, poor color rendering, and the environmental impact of their mercury content, mean they’re far from the ultimate answer.

Think that LED lights only produce the harsh blue tinted light like the first generation of LED Christmas lights? Not any more. Lumicrest’s LED lights produce a warm glare free light that is pleasing to the eye.

Environmentally Responsible
With Lumicrest’s LED products, now you can have clean, clear light directed exactly where you want it. Our lights contain no toxic mercury, unlike the common compact fluorescent bulb. They last over 25,000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours for an incandescent light bulb, 2,500 hours for a halogen light or 6,000 hours for a compact fluorescent. The absence of mercury in LED lights, avoids contamination of our landfills, and eliminates cleanup concerns when a fluorescent light is broken.

Big Energy Savings
Best of all, in a time of rising energy prices, you can save 80% or more on your lighting energy compared to halogen or incandescent lights. At first, you may be surprised at the initial cost of our LED lights. When you look closer, you understand how inexpensive they really are! Depending on how many hours per day your lights are on, your initial investment can pay itself back in a year or less, and you’ll save money for years to come.

Save on Bulb Replacement Costs Too
The energy savings alone make a compelling enough case for LED lighting – replacing a 50 watt halogen light with an 8 watt LED is a huge saving. However, when you factor in the long life of our LEDs, the picture gets even brighter. On average, you’d have to buy about 18 halogen lights during the life of a single Lumicrest LED light! The cost of replacement bulbs alone pays for the LED over its lifetime – AND you get huge energy savings as well.

Calculate the Benefits
Try our online LED Energy Savings Calculator and plug in the numbers and see for yourself. In commercial environments, you may have to pay outside labour to change your existing bulbs, so our calculator allows you to factor in the labour savings as well.

Reduce the Damage to Sensitive Works
Light rays (photons) cut through atoms of fragile color molecules and organic materials, breaking the bonds that hold the molecules together.
These images show the effect of long term exposure to UV on a 20th century oil paint. (images courtesy of the Canadian Conservation Institute)

When viewed in colour under an optical microscope, the upper image where the paint was unprotected shows the colours have faded, while the lower image shows the colours retained their original intensity when protected from UV.

When viewed in black and white under an electron micrograph, the upper image shows the surface of the oil medium eroded and cracked, while the lower image shows the surface stayed smooth and undamaged when not exposed to UV.

The best preventative measure is to switch to a light source that does not emit UV nor unwanted heat from IR rays. Lumicrest’s LED lights emit no UV nor IR and can extend the life of light sensitive works by up to 5 times or more.

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