Norton Museum of Art

Norton Museum of Art

The Norton Museum of Art, in West Palm Beach Florida, is renowned and respected for its collection of works on canvas, sculptures and photography, and for their many exhibitions of contemporary and old masters.

In the spring of 2013, their curator was interested in transitioning away from halogen lights to LED lights, and undertook an investigation into what LED lights were available for gallery applications, and how well they performed.

The staff at Norton were very knowledgeable about lighting technology and did a thorough analysis of the specifications of the contenders, eventually narrowing the field to a select few. They then organized a side by side “shootout” where they brought in samples from the manufacturers and compared them to see which ones met their requirements.

Their choice was Lumicrest LED High CRI Apturi PAR lights. The Apturi lights faithfully rendered the colours of the artworks, and allowed the staff flexibility to swap the lens optics in the lights so that they didn’t have to purchase separate spot and flood lights. They reduced their electrical operating costs by 85% and reduced their labour to change regularly burned-out halogen lights by about 98%.

Lumicrest was selected because no other manufacturer could deliver all of these benefits at an accessible price point.

To date, Norton has replaced more than 1000 halogen lights with Lumicrest Apturi LED lights.

Jason Fennell
Norton Museum of Art
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