Suspended or Surface Mounted LED Tube Light (1.2 inch or 2.4 inch Diameter)

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These unique and elegant LED tube lights come in two diameters. Our 1.2 inch (30mm) diameter model is similar to the dimensions of an old fashioned fluorescent T12 tube. The 2.4 inch (60 mm) diameter version is twice as big and adds more visual weight to the appearance of your installation. Both models can be surface mounted or suspended by aircraft cables and come in 2.5 meter long segments which can be customized to shorter lengths as required.

We have a wide selection of LEDs with light intensities anywhere from 365 lumens per meter up to 3300 lumens per meter and in a variety of different colour temperatures.

All of these lights come with a variety of different external LED driver options, and can be dimmed with optional PWM dimmers or standard wall dimmers (dependent on the LED driver chosen).

In the images above you can see one suspended version with white light and a wall-mounted “X” configuration with colour changing LEDs.

View 1.2 inch Tube Light Specification Sheet
View 2.4 inch Tube Light Specification Sheet

To order please contact us with your preferred configuration. We’ll be glad to make it happen for you.