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Due to the situation with Covid-19, Lumicrest has decided to offer some useful UVC anti-virus, anti-bacterial lights, because we know the power of light!

It’s designed specifically for disinfecting nearby objects with UVC light.

This device has an internal battery that can be charged from any USB port or charger, so the light can be placed anywhere. You can use it when plugged into the USB as well, in case you want to use it when the battery is low – you don’t need to wait for it to charge.

Please read the full description below to learn the full details!

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This very useful product is designed specifically for disinfecting nearby objects, such as face masks, keys, wallet, glasses, phones, goggles, pens and other commonly handled items.

It turns musty used masks into fresh ones, suitable for re-use. You can also use it to sterilize and de-odorize your shoes, pillows, closets and so on.Β 

It has an internal battery that can be charged from any USB port or charger, so the light can be placed anywhere. You don’t need to plug it in except when charging. It can run for several 30-minute cycles on a single charge. It can even be used while charging.

We recommend placing the device in a small-ish box (15-24 inches) and placing the objects inside that you wish to disinfect. That way you and those around you will be shielded from the UVC light emitted. You could also place the device and the objects into a small enclosed space like a cupboard or locker and close the door. Stay a few feet away from the box or enclosure during the 30 minute cycle while the light is operating and avoid looking at the light.

This type of bulb also creates a small amount of ozone, as the bulb emits some light at 185nm as well as the disinfecting 254nm wavelength. Ozone helps with de-odorizing and contributes a small amount of additional disinfecting effect.

Again: Because of the UVC wavelength, we recommend you don’t stare or look steadily at the light when it’s turned on. Keep children and pets away.

Remember that only the surfaces that the light actually hits will be disinfected. It can’t disinfect surfaces not directly exposed to the light. You may need to turn items over or use two lights to disinfect two sides at once. As masks are translucent, when placed directly on the device the disinfecting light will penetrate sufficiently to be effective.

How To Use

1) Press and hold the small button on the front. Hold it for 3 full seconds until it begins to flash blue.
30 seconds later the UVC light will turn on.

2) Place the unit in your box where you’ve arranged the objects. Walk away.

3) After 30 seconds, the button’s light stops flashing and stays on. The UVC light will turn on and the disinfection begins

4) The disinfection light stays on for a half-hour (30 minutes). Then it turns off automatically.

5) Now you can remove your disinfected objects and use them.

To charge it:
1) Connect it to a USB port. The light turns orange to show it’s charging. It takes about 20 minutes to charge

2) When fully charged, the light turns green and you can use it again!

To use when plugged in to the charger:
1) Press and hold the button until it starts flashing blue.
2) Walk away and disinfection begins as before. When the cycle is done it will continue charging


Q: Has UVC light been tested and proven to kill Covid-19?
A: UVC has been proven to be effective against SARS and similar viruses, it’s reasonable to assume effectiveness against Covid-19. If you find Covid-19 specific studies published please let us know.

Q: If the UVC light is invisible, why can I see a purplish light coming from the bulb?
A: This type of bulb emits most of its its light at the 254 nm UVC range, but it also emits a little violet light and a weak amount of other light in the visible spectrum. That’s why you can see the light glowing. Avoid staring at the bulb when it’s operating, as the invisible UVC can cause eye irritation or even damage.

Q: You’re an LED company. Does this device use LEDs?
A: No, this one does not. It’s a type of UVC fluorescent bulb. But it’s still very useful. UVC LEDs are rather expensive now, but we are looking at LED based products as well.

Q: Can I use this light to disinfect a face mask?
A: Yes. It works very well for this purpose. The best way to do it is to hang the mask right on the light as shown in one of the images. Doing it this way allows the light to penetrate the mask and thoroughly clean it for re-use. After disinfection the mask becomes almost like new.

Q: If I put a mask on the light, can I still use the light to disinfect other things at the same time?
A:Β  Yes,if you place the other objects exposed to the light that is not covered by the mask.

Q: Won’t the heat build up on the mask and create a fire hazard if I place the mask over it?
A: In our testing there has been no heat buildup.

Q: How do I know the items have been disinfected?
A: In the case of a face mask placed over the unit for a 30 minute cycle, you will notice the mask smelling fresh and new instead of the musty smell of a used mask. That should give an indication of what is happening to items placed nearby.

It may be more difficult to tell on hard-surfaced items.Β  Remember that only surfaces visible to the light will be disinfected (other than a mask placed directly on the housing, as masks are translucent)

Q: Is this device cETL electrical-safety certified for Canada and USA?
A: As it’s a battery-powered unit, charged by USB, only whatever USB power source you use needs to be cUL or cETL certified.

Q: So does it actually come with a USB charger?
A: No charger is included. USB ports and chargers are very common, if you have a computer or a phone then you have a charger. It does come with a short USB cable however.

Q: How much power does it use from its battery?
A: It draws about 2.5 watts from its internal battery.

Q: How many times can it run from from the battery on a full charge?
A: It can provide 2-5 30-minutes cycles from a single charge.

Q: Can I still use the light to disinfect while it’s charging?
A: Yes. Plug it in and the light turns orange to indicate it’s charging. But then hold down the button as usual and it begins flashing blue and will turn the UVC light on for disinfecting after 30 seconds.

Q: How long is the lifespan of the bulb?
A: Bulb life is 8000 hours. Each time you run it, it’s on for 30 minutes. So it gives about 16,000 operating cycles.

Q: Can I change the bulb in this device when it burns out?
A: No, unlike the Air Disinfecting light, this design does not allow the bulb to be changed unfortunately.

Q: If this bulb contains mercury, how do I safely dispose of it when it burns out?
A: Dispose of it as you would any fluorescent or compact fluorescent bulb that contains mercury: don’t throw it in the garbage (please!) but send for toxic-goods recycling.

Q: Why doesn’t this device use LEDs?
A: That would be good, but currently UVC LEDs are rather expensive. We’re working on that too but it takes time.

UVC Disinfection Background Info

Want to learn more about UVC and disinfecting? Here are some resources on the web:
Caution: external links

CNN article about how exposure time affects your likelihood of infection from airborne corona virus.

Product reviews with overview of UV sterilization

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