“Lumicrest was integral in helping me find the correct lighting choice for the custom mirror and bathroom lighting. They were essential in helping me find the correct lighting and guiding me in the right direction. If they hadn’t helped I would have have several different lighting elements going on in the bathroom which would have been a big mistake. Thank you again for you time and direction!”

Andrew Barak – Los Angeles

“I had an amazing experience working with Lumicrest.   They designed all of the lighting in our new salon and the results were fantastic.  I researched a lot of lighting options but nothing excited me. I then came across Lumicrest in my searches and loved the linkable light bars and track lighting.  Working with Lumicrest was a breeze, they were knowledgeable and professional.  The final outcome way exceeded our expectations.  The cool suspended rectangles of  light bars and classy track lighting and color temperature of the lighting really makes our salon stand out.  We get tons of compliments from our clients.  Thank you Lumicrest!”

Jennifer Bobal – Pure Energy Salon – New Jersey

“I worked with Lumicrest on a commercial project and I can’t say enough about them! They were beyond knowledgeable, so helpful, and friendly to boot. Highly recommended!!!”

-Keeley McCleary Interiors

“Our directors got pretty excited when they saw how nicely your unit lit up a couple of pieces in our current group show. The track heads, in black, are very inconspicuous, a plus for a gallery created out of an historic space. Interestingly, our standard SATCO halogen bulbs are rated at 2900K and halogen theoretically has a CRI of 100, but I’ll be darned if your lights don’t serve better. Looking at the two forms side by side, we all preferred the results with your light. (I expect artists to start getting jealous and saying, “I want the GOOD light.”)”
– Craig Wolf

“I am working on a retrofit project at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery where I have specified Lumicrest par20 and par 30 lamps. We love them, and we’ve tried many different manufacturers. I have been working on this project for over five years and kept on running into a wall whenever trying LED lamps for gallery spaces. As you know the curators want the perfect light color on the art work and your lamp has been approved and passed with flying colors!
I have also recommended your lamps to other local museums!”
– Kris McGee, University of Rochester, NY

“Lumicrest were a great and informative help in educating me to make my choice, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The lights are PERFECT for my needs, and many people have noticed the difference and are appreciative of the improvements in my space. I will be expanding that part of my practice soon, and of course will need more lighting, so expect to hear from me again!
I have also recommended Lumcrest to a couple of clients who are renovating their homes or just looking for better and more efficient lighting, and I hope they will follow up. Looking forward to my next order.” – Anthony Russell, Dharma Therapy

“We have installed our lights and plan to order more soon for our Museum Store! It is a great product and we are very glad with the look of our new exhibit display.
Thank you!” – Allison Limke, Pella Historical Society

“We researched solutions for an LED retrofit at The Norton Museum of Art, and tested a variety of LED bulbs. We found that your product offers the greatest light quality and flexibility for our institution. We’ve been using your LED lights for various gallery shows and they look great.” – Jason Fennell, Norton Museum of Art

“Thank you so much for always being so great about helping us out. You are the best.” – Sarah Dougall, Made You Look

“Many thanks for your help and educating me on Lumicrest. I learned a lot from you. I had a great meeting with our museum committee and they were very impressed with what I had to say about Lumicrest.” – Mari Graziano, MG Lighting

The shipment arrived in good order and the track was installed, but nothing had prepared me for the quality of light and the transformation of my studio when I switched on the system. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement … thank you so very much.
I just felt that I should close the loop on our e-mails and report my total satisfaction.
Thanks again,
George Horan

“Thank you so much for getting us the lights so quickly and for all the information and help. We will definitely use Lumicrest again for upcoming exhibits.” – Lindsay Cooper, Exhibition Coordinator, Design Exchange

“Thanks for the help from everyone yesterday. It was great chatting with everyone and finding out that knowledgeable people are involved at Lumicrest. There are far too many retailers out there that simply offer up imported products and don’t care about quality or even understand how/why things work. The Lumenaar LED strip I bought performs amazingly. I knew the specs were great, but doing some photogrammetric tests of my own to compare to others things I have just blew me away!” – Marc Koecher

We are absolutely thrilled with the lighting that has been achieved from you! – Mrs. P. Jacobson

We absolutely love it! Lumicrest was right; the Easylinx lights are quite bright.
We will definitely think of you guys for our future lighting projects.
Thanks for all your help.
Luc & Cathy