Custom Built LED Lights

Looking for that one of a kind light fixture? Choose from Lumicrest’s selection of suspended or surface mounted profiles and we’ll put together a light to your specifications. Downlight, up and down light, or omni directional, it’s all possible!

Want a very warm light or super cool light or something in between? No problem, we’ve got a wide selection of colour temperatures.
Thinking of a light with very subdued intensity or a light that will make them talk under extreme interrogation? We can create that for you, and they’re dimmable so you can adjust their intensity to suit the severity of the crime.

We can create your lights as short as a few inches long, or you can string a number of our 8 foot long units together to create the illusion of a light many times that length. Contact us to discuss your ideas, and together we’ll come up with something you’ll be proud to say you had a hand in designing.