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Recessed Pin Light (1.75″)

$ (USD) 36.63

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These amazing little recessed lights, with integrated 1 watt LEDs, throw out a surprising amount of tightly focused light. Its gimbal trim allows you to pivot and aim the light.

The light is held in place by a pair spring-loaded drywall mounting clips. Just press the clips upward, push the light into the hole you’ve cut in the drywall and the clips will snap down against the back surface of the drywall.

1.75 inch diameter including trim
1 watt
fixed lens 12 deg
CRI 80+

Separately sold 12V DC external driver can support multiple lights.

Depending on the type of external driver you choose, these lights can be dimmed either with a typical triac wall dimmer (Lutron, Leviton etc.) or with our wireless RF dimmer buttons and receivers.